Perfectly whitening, sweetening, and flavoring beverages is more than just our passion. It’s our obsession.  


SureShot Solutions® designs, manufactures, and markets the most innovative dispensers of beverages and beverage add-ins, quenching the thirst of anyone looking for a better way to serve refreshments. With many industry firsts, we’re passionate about identifying customer needs, and we’re tenacious about providing breakthrough solutions to address them. We are more than your average food service supplier. We are dedicated to…


Imagineering Imagineering
If there’s a better way to prepare beverages, you can count on us to find it. Our skilled engineers can bring any idea to life, and they’ve successfully built SureShot’s reputation as an expert problem solver. As part of our product development process, we’re constantly monitoring market trends and listening to our customers. Highly specialized in technology development, SureShot provides smart beverage solutions that will truly transform your business.
Customer Focus Customer Focus
We don’t find customers for our products; we find products for our customers. We work hand-in-hand with a variety of clients to develop customized solutions that satisfy their needs. To ensure these solutions exceed expectations, we engage customers in all stages of product development, from idea generation to concept testing. Once our products are finalized, our service team looks for every opportunity to go the extra mile and deliver post-sales support.
Quality Quality
We’ve been perfecting the art of dispensing for over 30 years, and we’ve shown countless satisfied customers that our equipment is built to last. We carefully assemble each of our products by hand, controlling every aspect of the process from design through delivery. With elegantly simple designs that make for easy operation and maintenance, you can rest assured that your SureShot dispenser will stand the test of time.
Personalization Personalization
We understand the power of personalization. Our dispensers offer bottomless beverage possibilities that satisfy any taste. Whether you’re providing made-to-order beverages or a do-it-yourself beverage station, our equipment encourages customers and guests alike to create their own signature drinks. Respond to an increasing demand for custom everything, and let SureShot turn every cup into a unique experience.



We’ve been providing solutions to customers like you since our founder Michael R. Duck invented the first portion-control dairy dispenser back in 1985. Since then, we’ve had the pleasure and honor of working alongside many of the world’s leading quick-serve restaurant chains and convenience retailers. Our solutions exist to help grow coffee and beverage programs through customization and consistency. With SureShot dispensers, your guests will always be able to get the exact beverage they want, making it easy for them to fall in love with your brand.


To be the partner of choice where creating new market space is a way of life.


Delivering valuable solutions to the food and beverage industry through insight and innovation.


Integrity • Inclusiveness • Innovation • Insight

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