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Attract millennials with flavor!

It’s a known fact; millennials expect flavor variety and customization – especially when it comes to their coffee. Now is the perfect time to attract this flavor-loving demographic by adding the SureShot FlavorShot to your coffee bar.

The SureShot FlavorShot dispenser holds 10 delicious sugar-free flavors that can be mixed and matched to your customers’ liking – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Flavors can be added to many different beverages including coffee, tea, cappuccino, espresso, and hot chocolate. Millennials will love the variety and personalization, and this will increase their loyalty to your store.

And our premium flavors contain no sugar, fat, or preservatives!

Available Flavors

Toasted Almond
French Vanilla
Butter Pecan
Irish Cream

Features & Benefits

The FlavorShot’s flavor delivery system guarantees beverage consistency by cup size and beverage type.

Works with sanitary, disposable cartridges, meaning minimal cleaning and maintenance is needed.

A combo feature enables customized beverage creations by allowing the dispense of up to three flavors at a time.

Has a compact footprint, and it is known for its easy plug-and-play installation.

Its infrared programmability facilitates menu or program changes for seasonal flavors and limited time offers.

Supported by an extensive certified service partner network and the SureShot Technical Assistance Center.

Product Range & General Specifications

Feature ACFC-10
Capacity 10 x 200 mL disposable cartridges
Dimensions (LxWxH) 22.25" x 8" x 25.5"
Weight 60 lb.
Electrical Requirements 120V AC, 60Hz, 1A, 1ph
Image ACFC-10 Image