The IntelliShot delivers accurate portions of milk or cream, giving coffee beverages a taste consistency that will make customers fall in love with your brand. Besides making beverage accuracy a breeze, this dispenser will also enable your staff to provide speedier service.

The IntelliShot – engineered to elevate your coffee program – will help increase traffic, transactions, and profitability by dispensing perfection into every cup.

Choose What Works For You

The IntelliShot is the ideal portion-control dispensing solution for your cream and milk products.

Refillable Container

Some models are perfect for those who purchase dairy in cartons or jugs. 

Product Case Caddy

Other models are better suited for those who purchase dairy in bags. 

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Calculate your potential ROI from switching to bulk dairy or sweetener with a SureShot dispenser.

    Payback Period
    3-Year Investment Return

    *Disclaimer: The payback period and investment return values are calculated assuming certain ideal conditions. These conditions are based on both industry and proprietary research. The results you obtain from using this tool have been estimated, and they are not guaranteed.